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Our Team

Our Team


  • Duncan Olthuis – Executive Director
  • Ellice Whitford – Administrative Coordinator

Board of Directors 2016/2017

Elected Members

  • Henry Pejril / President – Executive
  • Jon Pankuch/ Vice President – Executive
  • Dino Bernardo / Vice President – Executive
  • Barb Warsimage / Treasurer – Executive
  • Ron McColl
  • Carolynn Boomer
  • Anne Terwiel
  • Jan Antons

Community Partner Observers

  • Linda Stride / City of Kamloops
  • Andy Philpot / St John’s Ambulance
  • Lisa Strachan / Tourism Kamloops
  • Larry Read / TRU
  • Anne Keith / KIB

Appointed by the Community Partners

  • Leesa Warner / City of Kamloops at large


Sport Awards Committee – Chair Larry Read

The Sport Award Committee is responsible for the Annual Athletic Awards. Committee duties include the nomination, adjudication and evaluation process of the Awards.

Sport Services Committee -Chair Ron McColl

The Sport Service Committee will provide direction and leadership in the area of Local Sport Organization development.

Tournament Capital Committee – Chair Anne Terwiel

The Tournament Capital Committee will be responsible for the development and management of the Tournament Capital Volunteer Program. 

Membership Services Committee – Staff

Member Services Committee will assist the LSO in building capability in areas such as governance and management systems, information technology services, event management, research and monitoring, and good practice. 

Major Contracts and Events – Executive Committee and Staff

Major contracts and events will be organized and executed by the Executive Committee and the Sports Council staff. This covers the Legacy Games and any other major event management contracts that are obtained through KSC or the City.