2019 — 2023

Strategic Plan

President’s Message

This Strategic Plan will guide the operation of the Kamloops Sports Council from 2019 to 2023. After successfully completing our previous plan, the Sports Council is focusing on building on those accomplishments and navigating through challenges and opportunities towards our goal of becoming a self-sufficient, ever improving provider of member services and superior event hosting.

As our economy, the social environment and sport itself changes we must move to adapt and modify how we operate in order to provide leadership in our quest for excellence in sport management. Strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones allows us to explore new opportunities for the Sports Council.

There is much to be proud of when we look back over the history of the Kamloops Sports Council. We now boast over 80 members and are growing each year. Sport is thriving in Kamloops and part of that success is a reflection of the hard work and support of the Kamloops Sports Council. We want to acknowledge and thank our many sponsors and supporters who fuel our growth and share in our success. In particular the City of Kamloops and the Kamloops Sports Legacy
Fund are major supporters in our vision.

The dedicated board of directors and volunteers deserve a special thank you. The council is fueled by the desire to make Kamloops a better place to live, to foster the growth of sport across all ages and to maintain a strong support structure for our membership. We proudly take up the challenge and ask that you join with us on our quest.

— Henry Pejril
Kamloops Sports Council President


Where will we be in the future?

How do we get there?

Major Milestones

The 2011 Western Canada Summer Games fueled the Kamloops Sports Council’s restructuring to support and align with the City of Kamloops Tournament Capital Initiative.

  • 2014 Brier 50/50
  • 2014 Junior All Native Basketball Tournament
  • 2014 4 Nations Cup 50/50
  • 2015 Special Olympics BC Winter Games
  • 2015 to Present the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2016 IIHF World Women’s Ice Hockey Championship
  • 2017 Special Olympics BC Summer Games
  • 2018 BC Winter Games
  • 2013 – 2019 Kamloops Legacy Performance Games


The Sports Council met over the fall and winter of 2018-2019 to reformulate our Strategic Plan to meet the ongoing needs of the sports community.

While we are thrilled with our success we will not rest on our laurels. We intend to review progress throughout the term of this plan and utilize annual operational plans to execute initiatives that keep us moving forward, ensure our sustainability, and help us achieve our goals.

The Sports Council will continue to provide services to our local sports organizations in areas such as governance, accounting, and event hosting. We are striving to give these organizations the tools to manage their sports groups successfully and allow them to concentrate on the development and enhancement of their sport.

The Sports Council will assist in or support the delivery of high quality and successful sporting events on a fee for service basis. We can also coordinate all facets of such events as required by the hosting sports body or the City of Kamloops on that same basis.

The Sports Council has amassed a wide array of human, intellectual, and physical resources to assist groups with sports management and event hosting. This includes a core group of people with major event hosting expertise. We are able to move quickly to address shortfalls and to give direction and mentoring for ongoing improvement. We strive to achieve the delivery of best practices in all areas within our scope.

We also celebrate the sport volunteer and their contribution to sport in Kamloops and our sports community. Through the Tournament Capital Volunteers, the council will assist in recognizing the strong volunteer spirit that thrives in Kamloops and to spread the word of the accomplishments of the Tournament Capital Volunteers members.


Kamloops Sports Council is committed to Excellence in sport management through leadership, mentoring, and partnerships.


Promoting self-sustaining sport groups through:

  • Organizational Development
  • Advocacy & Support
  • Event Hosting


“Enriching Lifestyle through Sport”


Kamloops Sports Council operates in a trustworthy, respectful, and responsible manner.

Quality — Expertise
Kamloops Sports Council operates with a strategic focus to deliver value in support services, event resources, and knowledge transfer.

Continuous Improvement
Kamloops Sports Council maintains and upgrades a resource library, implements innovative ideas and monitors national, provincial, and local policy, trends, and procedures.

Kamloops Sports Council values the contribution by sport volunteers and the accomplishments of our sport community.

Strategic Priorities

The Kamloops Sports Council has five strategic priorities for the years 2019 through 2023:

Goal 1 » Ensure the Recognition of Sport in Kamloops
Current Objectives Activities and Initiatives
A) To recognize local leaders in Sport
  • Continue effective management of the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame
  • Coordinate the annual Sports Awards
  • Organize an annual banquet
B) To support scholarship development
  • Assist in developing criteria for Scholarship(s)
  • Annually give out scholarships at Hall of Fame Banquet


  • Number of submissions for awards
  • Number of tables sponsored by corporations — explore sponsorship options
  • Attendance at banquet
  • Feedback from banquet participants — survey
Goal 2 » Support the Promotion and Organization of Sports in Kamloops
Current Objectives Activities and Initiatives
A) To make information on KSC services available to Local Sport Organization (Promoting KSC)
  • Hold open houses for LSO’s
  • Send out questionnaires (feedback on needs)
  • Send out Membership services when new services are created
B) To support the Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund
  • Send out the annual intake reminder to LSO’s
  • Help announce the Fund recipients for the year
  • Promotion and testimonials
C) To promote enhanced community awareness of sports and events
  • Establish KSC as a first point of contact to families new to sport or Kamloops
  • Communicate with Media about upcoming Sport Events in Kamloops
  • Assist LSO’s in leveraging social media, etc.
C) To enhance organizational capacity of LSOs
  • Provide administrative services
  • Facilitate training


  • Number of LSO members in Kamloops Sports Council
Goal 3 » Support Community and Local Events
Current Objectives Activities and Initiatives
A) To manage and improve the event kit trailer
  • Update the event kit trailer inventory as needed
B) To support local sport organizations and select community events
  • Assist with admin, promotion, registration, volunteer management, and sponsorship
C) To support the expansion of event and sport venue infrastructure
  • Provide support to groups that create and maintain facility space for events and sport competitions
C) To work with key partners (City of Kamloops and Tourism Kamloops) to remain a sport / host destination of choice
  • Produce a Sport Hosting document with the City of Kamloops and Tourism Kamloops
  • Facilitate economic impact studies


  • # of events supported
  • Event participant #’s
Goal 4 » Support Volunteer Services for Events
Current Objectives Activities and Initiatives
A) To develop and maintain a database of skilled volunteers
  • Maintain database
  • Facilitate volunteer training
B) To connect volunteers with organizations and events
  • Inform volunteers of opportunities
  • Ensure organizations are aware of our volunteer database
  • Newsletter for volunteer call outs
C) To recognize volunteer efforts
  • Rewards and recognition for volunteers


  • Number of volunteer hours for managed events
  • Number of organizations reporting adequate volunteer numbers
Goal 5 » Ensure Organizational Sustainability
Current Objectives Activities and Initiatives
A) To nurture new relationships and partnerships
  • Sponsorship programs
  • Funding and grant opportunities
B) To continue revenue generation through event management and services
  • Provide Admin Support to large scale events through contracts
C) To ensure a healthy and diverse board of directors
  • Engage people from different backgrounds who might be interested in joining the KSC Board
D) To run effective ad hoc working groups as needed
  • As needed
E) To review the strategic plan annually
  • Review measureables — report card


  • Meeting budget
  • Governance documentation is current

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