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Room Rental

We have a new space for your use!

Whether you are a member or not, you are welcome to rent our Activity Room! If you looking to make a booking in our Activity Room please give us a call, and we can get your group booked or put in a request for use at the Activity Room Booking Calendar below.

 Rental Policy

Activity Room is approximately 50’x28’ for a total of 1400sqft. The room rental includes 10 round tables, 15 rectangular tables, 100 chairs, 1 boardroom table, and a TV-set for presentations. There are male and female accessible washrooms downstairs. You are welcome to set up tables as you like or request a specific formation beforehand. 


Activity Room Rental Rates:
  • KSC Members — $12.50 per hour | $87.50 per day
  • KSC Associate Members — $15 per hour | $105 per day
  • Non-Members/Non-Profits — $20 per hour | $140 per day
  • Commercial Business — $30 per hour | $210 per day
  • Cleaning Fee — $40 cleaning fee per use (applied only to meetings with 20+ participants) 
  1. The Activity Room will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use for the safety of all Renters.
  2. Tables and chairs will be set up by the Renters.
  3. Renters must leave up tables and chairs to allow for easy sanitization by the KSC cleaning staff following the Activity Room usage.
  4. Bathrooms downstairs are cleaned regularly and maintained by the City of Kamloops. They are accessible just down the stairs from the activity room.  Handicap accessible washrooms are only available upon request in advance of the room rental.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be accessible at the entry door for Renters to access upon entering/exiting the Activity Room.
  6. Renter will need to pick up the key in advance of meeting date and attend an orientation of the space.
  7. KSC will require a log of all those in planned attendance of Activity Room rental for documentation and ensure numbers remain below new room capacity.
  8. Each rental purchase will be charged with GST and a $40 cleaning fee per use.
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