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Member Services

Member Benefits

The 2011 Western Canada Summer Games fueled the Kamloops Sports Council’s restructuring to support and align with the City of Kamloops Tournament Capital Initiatives.

Mailbox Services

Need a permanent mailing address? Kamloops Sports Council will accept your mail and notify you when your mail has arrived. This eliminates trying to figure out where your mail is being delivered when your board or members change. Contact the office to make arrangements. 

Members: No Charge | Non-Members: $15 per month

Parcel Delivery

We will accept parcel deliveries on behalf of your organization. Please contact the office to make arrangements.

Members: No Charge | Non-Members: $15 per month

Fax Services

Need a fax number for registrations or other information being sent to your group? We will accept your faxes and email you when a fax has arrived or scan the faxes to you. Contact the office to make arrangements.

Members: No Charge | Non-Members: 15¢ per page

Photocopying Services

We can copy your registration forms, newsletters, information sheets as well any booklets or flyers as an example. Call for details.

Members: Cost of paper & related printing costs | Non-Members: Not available

Meeting Room

The Kamloops Sports Council has a Board Room that can accommodate up to 20 people for a Board Meeting. We also have a space that could accommodate groups up to 80 people. Also available is an LCD Projector and Laptop, Speaker Phone, White Board and Flip Chart. Other services can be provided. Please call to discuss your needs and book the space if available.

Members: No charge (Extra services on a cost-recovery basis) | Non-Members: Members take priority with bookings

Meeting Services

Minutes recording and compiling of the information, sending out meeting notices and organizing related information for your meetings. When organizing your AGM call the office to discuss how we can help organize your next meeting or event.

Members: Contact for Costs | Non-Members: Not Available

Strategic and Operational Planning

Large or small every organization should have a strategic plan, a road map of your visions, goals, and objectives as well as operational planning. Succession planning is very important as well, mentoring your next leaders. How does your group implement your strategic plan? With your input and direction we can facilitate this process for you. Call for details.

Members: Contact for Costs | Non-Members: Not Available

Budget Planning

Part of your strategic plan should be a budget. We can work with your group to prepare an operating budget for your group. Budget monitoring, we can monitor your expenditures and give you a heads up when you are over spending on certain areas and where you may want to cut back if revenues are not being realized as budgeted. Annual and Monthly Statements can be prepared for your group. Budgeting and Finance vary from group to group so please call and see what services we can provide for your group.

Members: Contact for Costs | Non-Members: Not Available

Governance, Society's Act, and Bylaws

We can offer advice on Board Structure and Governance models that will work for your group and ensure your Society’s Act Annual Reports are filled and your group is in good standing. We can organize your meeting structure that makes your meetings productive and valuable and assist in arranging your Annual General Meeting and elections.

Members: Contact for Costs | Non-Members: Not Available

Insurance and Liability

We will arrange a meeting with our insurance providers, and they will review your insurance needs. Are you over or underinsured? Officers and Directors Liability, are you covered? What do you need?

Members: Contact for Details | Non-Members: Not Available

Grants and Fundraising Programs

Seeking out grants and preparing the application can be confusing and challenging at best. We can assist your group with your grant application. We will do the research needed and prepare the application and related backup material. We will also find out if you qualify to save a lot of time and frustration. Let us review your current fundraising programs to see if there is an easier and more effective way to raise those necessary dollars.

Members: Contact for Costs | Non-Members: Not Available

Bid Preparation

You want to host a National, International, Provincial, or other special events for your Local Sports Organization? We can assist you in preparing the bid documents. We will work with your group in preparing a bid document that will represent your group well and showcase Canada’s Tournament Capital. We will prepare background information, seek out support letters needed, and we will talk with any all levels of Government related to the bid for support. We can prepare the final presentation documents and do the follow up if needed.

Open to any Local Sports Organization in Kamloops. Bidding can range from easy to very complicated. Let us help prepare a winning bid for your group. This process may have some costs associated.

Hosting Services

How can we help? No doubt your group can run the event technical end with no problem, but we can assist in other areas such as look and feel of the event, ceremonies, souvenir programs, sponsorship, and a whole list of other related areas. Make us part of your planning session to see how we can assist you.

Open to any Local Sports Organization in Kamloops. This process may have some costs associated.

Resource Library

The Kamloops Sports Council has resource planning material from various Games that have been hosted in Kamloops. We have the majority of the City Venues planning maps which you can change to fit your event. We have an image library of over six thousand images that could be of use to your group.

Members: No Charge | Non-Members: Not Available


We can copy your registration forms, newsletters, information sheets as well any booklets or flyers as an example. Call for details.

Members: This process may have some costs associated | Non-Members: Not Available

Sports Administration Package

Complete Administration Package – you look after the sport, and we will look after the business end. Typical services could include:

  • Mail, fax, copying, meeting services, and government payments
  • Keeping your society documents current
  • Budget Planning
  • Looking after your payable receivables
  • Annual reviews of your strategic and operational planning
  • Registration

We would meet with your group to determine your needs and areas we can assist. We can work with your volunteers assisting where needed or look after it completely. Give us a call to see what costs would be associated and the services we can provide.

Members: This process may have some costs associated | Non-Members: Not Available

Social Media, Marketing, and Website

Call for information.

Members: Call for Information | Non-Members: Not Available


Administration assistance with getting your club’s registration completed for sports season or tournaments.

Members: Call for Information | Non-Members: Not Available

Annual Dues

To remain in good standing as a member of the Kamloops Sports Council, members and associate members have to pay annual dues as determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Due date: December 31 of each calendar year. The initial membership fee includes the annual dues for the first year from the time of registration to the end of the Calendar year (December 31). For any membership registrations processed after August 31, the initial membership fee includes annual dues for the rest of the first year plus the following year.



Members of the Society are those organizations, clubs, associations, or leagues that have the following membership criteria: (1) Maintain a head office or control within the Greater Kamloops area; (2) Are primarily organized for the purposes of operating teams, leagues, or events of a competitive or recreational sporting nature; (3) Have a recognizable membership and a bona fide operation completely separate and apart from other competitive or recreational sporting groups having the same purpose or objectives.

Associate Members

Associate Members are any person being a resident of the Greater Kamloops area or any organization or association within the Greater Kamloops area that has an association with or interest in Sport and the principles set out by the Kamloops Sports Council. These persons shall be entitled to apply to the Society to become an Associate Member subject to the approval of such application and payment of applicable fees. Associate members shall not be entitled to exercise any vote at a meeting of members (an exception being when an Associate Member is elected to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee of the Society).

Council of Community Partners

The Council of Community Partners is made up of the following groups:

  • 3 Members from the City of Kamloops (2 from Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services and 1 from the Community at Large)
  • 2 Members from School District #73
  • 1 Member from Thompson Rivers University
  • 1 Member from the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 Member from the Blazers Sport Society
  • 1 Member from Pacific Sport
  • 1 Member from Tourism Kamloops
  • 1 Member from Interior Health
  • 1 Member from St. John Ambulance
  • 1 Member from Tk’emlúps Indian Band (TIB)

For a total of 13 Community Partners.

Annually, the Community Partners will select a Chair Person to be the Community Partners Chair and Liaison to the Kamloops Sports Council. The chair will select five members of the Community Partners to sit on the Board of Directors of the Kamloops Sports Council. A Community Partner appointee cannot hold a seat on the Executive Committee. Any and all communications other than the appointees to the board is done by the Community Partners Chair. The Community Partners will act as an advisory body to the Kamloops Sports Council.


General Membership and Community Partners

Twice per year; once at the Annual General Meeting and one other meeting called by the Board.

Executive Committee and The Board

Minimum nine times per year.


Eight members are elected to the Board for a one-year term from the membership. The Board then appoints five members to the Board from the Community Partners.


Staff reports directly to the President and the Executive. Staff manages the day to day business of the society and supports all committee members with their mandates and goals. Member services and member support is a task of the staff.


Annual General Meetings

At the Annual General Meeting the affairs of the society are presented to the membership. At this meeting an accounting of the past year is made of major milestones, financial statements, and reports of the Directors. As well presented at the meeting will be the direction of the New Year ahead as well as budgets and related material and information. AGM is held in April of each year.

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting minutes are posted on the web site. At any time there is something you don’t understand or want more information on from those minutes please call the office and staff will answer your questions or pass along any concerns you may have.

Social Media & Website

Our Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and website are constantly being updated so keep checking those for information.


From time to time, items of interest come in to the office, upcoming programs, or related information which we will send out to our LSO groups via email. If you don’t have email, let us know, and we can make sure you are getting the information another way.

Presentation to the Board or Executive

As a member you may request to be put on the agenda at any upcoming meeting. All we ask is you call the office and make a request to be placed on the agenda and offer a bit of background on your presentation.

Phone / Email

Feel free to call anytime if you have a concern or comment at 250-828-3822 or info@kamloopssportscouncil.com .

Your Responsibility as a Member

The Kamloops Sports Council operates with all sports in mind and is not sport-specific. If your particular sport or group has something specific that affects your sport, talk to the office, and we would be happy to try and offer guidance or assistance with that concern or suggestion. If you have an idea that Sports Council could take on as a project again please let us know. Keep us informed. This is your Sports Council so let us know what your group is doing with any special events or projects.