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The Kamloops Sports Council has a renewed commitment to being an important player in the support of Sport in Kamloops. The Sports Council has developed a Five-year Strategic Plan and a detailed operational plan that will see a variety of initiatives being moved forward. We are very excited about our plans and we want the Sports Groups to be an integral part of the future of Sports in Kamloops.


An organization, club, association or league that maintains a head office or control within the greater Kamloops area and is directly involved in the delivery of competitive and / or recreational sports programs, leagues, and events in the Kamloops area. A member shall have a right to vote as set out in the by-laws. One member = one vote.

Membership Cost: $35 +GST per year

Associate Member

Any person being a resident of the greater Kamloops area, or any other organization or association with a significant interest in helping to further develop sports in Kamloops. Associate members shall not be entitled to exercise any vote at the meeting of the members.

Membership Cost: $20 +GST per year

Honorary Member:

Honorary members may be appointed by resolution of the members on the basis of outstanding contribution in the greater Kamloops area or to the Society. Honorary members shall not be entitled to exercise any vote at a meeting of the members.

Please Contact Us for more information.

Collective Voice:

Be part of a voice for sport that represents Kamloops’ many sports clubs/organizations that share common objectives, issues, and goals.

Support and promotion:

By joining the Sports Council you can access a variety of sports information and support material relevant to your organization and gives you the opportunity to promote and advertise your sport, organization, and events, access on-line programs through the Kamloops Sports Council website, Facebook page, and Communication Program including Monthly E-Newsletter, regular E-Blast, etc.


The opportunity to learn about other sports clubs and organizations and communicate with them.

Volunteer support:

The Kamloops Sports Council can provide support to the sports organizations with their volunteer programs, including database, registration, event planning, etc. through our volunteer management software. The Sports Council can also assist the sports group with volunteer recognition through the Tournament Capital Club.

Bid – Hosting / Event Management:

The Sports Council can provide support to the sports organizations in their event bid-hosting process and event management including resources, equipment (events trailer), volunteers, etc.

Grant application:

The Sports Council can provide support and expertise in the process and applications for grants at the municipal, provincial, and federal level of government.

Annual Dues

To remain in good standing as a member of the Kamloops Sports Council, members and associate members have to pay annual dues as determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Due date: December 31 of each calendar year. The initial membership fee includes the annual dues for the first year from the time of registration to the end of the Calendar year (December 31). For any membership registrations processed after August 31, the initial membership fee includes annual dues for the rest of the first year plus the following year.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Tournament Capital Volunteers – Volunteer Reward and Recognition Program
  • Newsletter – E-Blast – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter
  • On-going up-to-date Sports Event Calendar
  • Athletics Awards / Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame
  • Bent Horn Games
  • 2022 Canada 55+ Games

Upcoming Initiatives

Our ultimate goal is to support and help Local Sports Groups in Kamloops address their challenges and provide tools and services that will contribute to their development and success especially during these trying times. Contact us to see how we can help!