Did you know that 50% of the revenues generated for local causes from the 2014 Tim Horton’s Brier will be going to the Kamloops Sports Council to benefit its ongoing operations?

 We are on the home stretch in our drive for volunteers for the 2014 Tim Horton’s Brier and want to be finished by October 31.  We still need about 65 capable individuals to help out in the various areas.  Just want to remind you that ultimately he biggest benefactors of this Event will be the Kamloops Sports Council.  The commitment is 24 hours during the Event and there is a $100 rewards fee for which you get many things including 3 articles of clothing (valued at over $200) and you will be able to watch the curling action.  As we want to get this part of our planning complete can you please take time today to volunteer.  www.curling.ca – and then the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier.

 Thanks.  Norman Daley, Volunteer Chair.