The Sun Peaks Volunteer Fire Department Society was established in 1998 to further support the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue volunteer firefighters. In the true spirit of giving back and supporting their local community, the society created the Sun Peaks Annual Charity Fire Fighters’ Gala to draw attention to the meaningful work being conducted by volunteer firefighters and to assist fellow on-mountain not-for-profits in earning additional financial support.

Every year two organizations are chosen to share in gala proceeds equally. We are proud to announce the two benefactors of the 2023 Gala will be the Sun Peaks Freestyle Club and The Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association (SPRTA).

Sun Peaks Freestyle Club is a club dedicated to promoting Freestyle skiing and snowboarding for kids ages 7 and up in the Kamloops/Sun Peaks areas. In operation for 7 years, we have grown from 5 athletes to a registration of over 100 in the 2022/2023 season. Our program focuses on athlete skill development in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. Our athletes inspire those around them with their talent and passion for their sport. We are grateful to be recipients of the Firefighter Gala funds. We will direct funds to enhancing and growing our High-Performance program, with a focus on creating accessibility to high level training and competition. Our priority is to acknowledge and support our Sun Peaks athletes competing on the National stage and provide a pathway to developing athletes committed to their freestyle skiing journey.

The Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association (SPRTA) is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to the maintenance and development of free-to-use recreational trails in the Sun Peaks area. We are focused primarily on mountain bike trails, but also develop and maintain trails for other outdoor activities like hiking and snowshoeing. Since 2019, SPRTA has constructed 17.5km of new mountain bike and multi-use trails in Sun Peaks for use by our community. Funds raised from the 2023 Fire Fighters’ Gala will be used to hire a paid trail crew position to assist us with trail maintenance, building, and repairs – ensuring our trails remain in excellent condition for everyone in the community to enjoy.



DRAW #1 (June 6 -June 11) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # A-1350

June 6 – June 11: Winner – Matt Rivest; Ticket # A-1350 Jackpot- $840.00

DRAW #2 (June 13-June 18) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # A-2218

JUNE 13 – JUNE 18: Winner Pam Zanker; Ticket # A-2218 ; Jackpot – $2,220

DRAW #3 (June 20-June 22) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # B-1139

JUNE 20 – JUNE 22: Winner Patrick Champagne; Ticket # B-1139 ; Jackpot – $325.00

DRAW #4 (June 23-July 2) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # B-1200

JUNE 23 – JULY 2: Winner Nikki Evans; Ticket # B-1200 ; Jackpot – $1560.00

DRAW #5 (July 3-July 13) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # B-1385

JULY 3 – JULY 13: Winner Connor McKennzie; Ticket # B-1385 ; Jackpot – $1410.00

DRAW #6 (July 18-July 23) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # D-1492

JULY 18 – JULY 23: Winner ; Ticket # D-1492 ; Jackpot – $990

DRAW #7 (July 124-July 27) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # B-1387

JULY 24 – JULY 27: Winner Jonathon Tam ; Ticket # B-1387 ; Jackpot – $1170.00

DRAW #8 (Aug 1st) DRAW COMPLETED Ticket # B-1042

AUG 1st : Winner Rob McCauley ; Ticket # B-1042 ; Jackpot – $895.00