For Immediate Release – February 27, 2020

The Kamloops Sports Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote self-sustaining sport groups through organizational development, administrative support and event hosting. The Sports Council supports over 70 local member sport organizations in a variety of ways. We also play an integral role in the Tournament Capital program by providing management support to major sports and community events.

The Arts & Cultural community has had a long history of being part of major Kamloops sporting events and many times comes together with Sport in Community events.

The Sports community has first-hand knowledge of what enhanced facilities can do. The 2003 Tournament Capital referendum was a response to pent up demand. It produced new facilities that allowed Sports organizations to flourish by striving for – and achieving – major sporting events. The increase in Sport Tourism as a result of the Tournament Capital expansion is measurable and significant, as are the new levels of hosting capacity Kamloops has achieved. We have grown both in the brick and mortar facilities and the human experience and capacity.

We see many parallels between the Tournament Capital referendum and the new Centre for the Arts. The Arts Community has pent-up demand that needs to be addressed if they wish to grow and thrive. The Centre for the Arts will address existing need and allow for growth of existing programs. The potential of the new facility to extend the reach and capacity of our Arts and Culture community is exciting and real and we look forward to even higher levels of engagement between Sports and Cultural events.

The Kamloops Sports Council Board of Directors encourages all member organizations and individuals to support the Centre for the Arts referendum.


Henry Pejril -President, Kamloops Sports Council